The Transmatic 7416 has been specially designed for printing on continuous tapes, belts and similar materials.
The 7416 is also suitable for printing on elastic ribbons, is the solution for a print without split ends with a speed of 1,3  / min ( 40 sec dwell time)
The system of heating oil “TRANSMATIC” consumes 50% less energy of electric machines.
Exact temprature regulation, the key to consistent high quality printing, is accurately maintained by three solid-state, high precision thermostats.

Each unit has 4 automatic functions :
-Actual value zone temprature digital display
-Set point temprature display
-Alarm signal,if temperature varies above or below set point
-Fail-safe thermocouple monitor

Optional features :
-Static eliminator system
-5 posterior drop – off


  • Individual unwind guides for narrow transfer paper

  • Separate unwind and rewind system for blotting tissue to control dye contamination

  • 35 cm Ø Oil heated drum

  • 13″ (35 cm) printing area

  • Oil heated cylinder with 2 electric temperature controller, one checking the oil one checking the temperature on the surface of the drum

  • Easy on/off belt removal

  • Guide system for alignment and separating of the material

  • Unwind and rewind devices for blotting tissue

  • Low maintenance – 15 minutes belt change procedure

  • Adjustable mechanic  clutches

Technical data:
Model 7416
Belt width 43 cm / 16″
Size 174 X 96 X 150 CM / 68 X 37 X 59 “
Installed power 7,5 KW 32,6 A
Averange consumption 3,5 KwH 15,2 A
Net weight 670 Kg
Belt speed 1,3  / min ( 40 sec dwell time)