6540 SPORT

The Transmatic 6540 SPORT is specifically designed for digital dye sub printing of apparel and other industries that require cut panels or engineered prints.
A new self contained, oil heated drum system assures uniform heat across the width of the cylinder and the lowest possible power consumption.
Transmatic oil heated drum system use 50 % less electric power than all electric machines.
Drum size available- 40 cm/ 15,7” to fit all the needs of the digital industry.

On choice, equipped with cradle or 3“ media holder

The 6540 sport rush has three modes of operation:

  1. Cut sheet of printed transfer paper is placed on the table with the design facing up. The cut fabric part( front, sleeve, collar, etc..) is placed over the design. With the push of a button, the sheet is automatically fed into the machine. The part and paper exit under the loading conveyor where the stripping device eliminates all possibilities of paper shifting or shrinking which can cause a “ghost” image. You do not need to use the more expensive “sticky paper”.
  2. Transfer paper is kept on the roll and cut fabric parts are placed on the printed design as the paper feeds continuously into the machine.
  3. Traditional print of continuous fabric and transfer paper roll to roll.

Transmatic heat presses with the new oil heated drum system will increase production, reduce seconds, and save on energy costs. High productivity, quality engineering design and conscientious after- the sale service are all good reasons for investing with TRANSMATIC for all needs in dye-sub printing or textile dye fixation.


  • Belt feeding system with independent drive for feeding cut parts.

  • Oil heated drum system delivering perfectly controlled heat

  • Oil heated drum system delivering perfectly controlled heat

  • Oil heated drum diameter 40 cm/ 15,7”

  • Belt speeds of 1,6 mt/min (1,85 yd/min)respectively to 40 second dwell time

  • 77” (196cm ) wide nomex felt for 72 “ (180 cm) wide printing

  • Electro pneumatic belt steering system

  • Light weight Aluminium body air shaft (allows easy lifting)

  • Safety bar with reverse control

  • Automatic paper separator bar eliminates ghosting caused by paper shifting or fabric shrinkage

  • 1 exit cooling conveyor cools and take printed parts to the back side for stacking

  • 3 clutched pneumatic unwind and 3 clutched pneumatic and motorized rewind

  • Automatic Cool down system

  • Adjustable digital speed control

Technical data:
Machine width 278 cm
Machine lenght 332 cm
Machine height 160 cm
Belt width 190 cm
Belt speed 1,6 mt /min – 1,85 yd/min
Installed power 23.8 kw – 103 a
Average consumption 11 kw/h
Net weight 2.300 kg