GFO 1067-1076-10104-10126 nGFO 1067 / 1076 / 10104 / 10126

High production (4,5 mt/min – 5 yd/min) rotary printer machine for transfer printing in sublimation knitted, synthetic fabrics, and non-cloth fabric such as polyester, nylon, acrylic.
In the case of printing directly onto polyester cloth by means of digital printers, the calander may be used to fix the colour pigments perfectly and at low cost.

The three air shafts enable the operator to take and position the transfer paper, the material to be printed and, where necessary, the protective paper.
Using gravity to load the machine in a straight and even manner, the transfer paper is positioned directly over the entrance to the print rollers; the tension can be regulated by means of a pneumatic clutch control; the material is made taut and goes through an “s” which makes the product even tauter; the material moves over an expandable roller which ensures a straight trajectory towards the entrance of the press.

An important characteristic is that the paper and the fabric are immediately separated after the printing phase and transported to the back of the machine where easy access to their respective winders is ensured.
The pneumatic reel holder rods and strengthening supports have been designed to allow the operator to remove the empty reels and reposition the said rods in a single gesture.
The pneumatic clutch and electronic speed control allow simple adjustment of the rewinding tension.


  • Oil-heated cylinder with a proportional working thermostat

  • Belt speed 4,5 mt/min / 5 yd/min

  • Safety bar & reversing control

  • Cylinder diameter 100 cm / 24”

  • Adjustable Belt Tension

  • Dynamic electro-pneumatic control of the belt

  • Automatic cylinder cooler timer

  • Ultra light air shafts for unwinds and rewinds

  • Optional loading table

  • Adjustable speed control

  • The machine requires a compressed air connection

Technical data:
Model GFO 1067 GFO 1076 GFO 10104 GFO 10126
Belt size 168 cm/66″ 198 cm/78″ 268 cm/105″ 335 cm/132″
Working width 160 cm/63″ 193 cm/76″ 264 cm/104″ 327 cm/129″
Power installed 45 Kw – 195 A 52 Kw – 226 A 74 Kw – 322 A 87 Kw – 378 A
Average consumption 16 Kwh 20,8 Kwh 29,6 Kwh 34,8 Kwh
Net weight 4200 Kg 4500 Kg 5600 Kg 6000 Kg
Dimensions 200/300/215 cm – 78/118/85 “ 200/320/215 cm – 78/126/85 “ 200/380/215 cm – 78/150/85 “ 200/470/215 cm – 78/185/85 “