The Transmatic 7616 has been specially designed for printing on continuous tapes, belts and similar materials.
The 7616 is also suitable for printing on elastic ribbons.
The 7616 is the solution for a print without sdoppiature with a speed of 9 m / min 10 yds / min.
The system of heating oil “TRANSMATIC” consumes 50% less energy of electric machines.
Exact temprature regulation, the key to consistent high quality printing, is accurately maintained by three solid-state, high precision thermostats.

Each unit has 4 automatic functions :
-Actual value zone temprature digital display
-Set point temprature display
-Alarm signal,if temperature varies above or below set point
-Fail-safe thermocouple monitor

Optional features :
-Static eliminator system
-5 posterior drop – off


  • Individual unwind guides for narrow transfer paper

  • Separate unwind and rewind system for blotting tissue to control dye contamination

  • High production 24″ (61 cm) dia. Oil heated drum

  • 13″ (35 cm) printing area

  • Oil heated cylinder with 2 electric temperature controller, one checking the oil one checking the temperature on the surface of the drum

  • Easy on/off belt removal

  • Guide system for alignment and separating of the material

  • Unwind and rewind devices for blotting tissue

  • Low maintenance – 15 minutes belt change procedure

  • Adjustable air-operated clutches

Technical data:
Model 7616
Belt width 43 cm / 16″
Size 174x113x155 cm / 68″x44″x61″
Installed power 12,5 KW 58 A
Averange consumption 6,5 KwH 28 A
Net weight 1008 Kg
Belt speed 9 mt/min – 10yd/min