“Primer” machine for the pre-treatment of fabrics for direct digital textile printing



  • Automatic Nozzles cleaning

  • Cleaning program of the internal circuit of the primer and the
    pump, which can be run through the touch screen

  • The machine has 3 tanks of 10lt/each: distilled water, Primer 1,Primer 2.
    When liquids run out, the machine gets from one tank to another
    automatically or manually, based on the operator’s set mode

  • By choice, the primer tanks can be loaded with one or two
    different qualities of primer

  • Three scales show the percentage of liquids inside the tanks

  • Control touch screen

  • 3 presets already set up and 5 customized presets

  • Plate size for pre-treatment 40×60 cm

  • Optional table

Technical data:


Model PR-60
Nozzles: 4
Stand-by consumption: 13 W
Consomption: 155 W
Machine dimensions: 80 X 94 X 50 CM
Table dimensions: 80 X 94 X 74 CM
Voltage: 110 V / 230 V 50/60 HZ