htmUS 2000

The manual apparatus is equipped with suction and ultrasonic welding devices which can be operated by pressing a button. Electronic control of time and frequencies, electric suction. Apparatus for the setting and welding of precious stones imitation (strass aso..), bosses, half perles of variuos sizes and executions, on all kind of fabrics, woven or knitted, in natural and synthetic fibers. The apparatus has three different pints according to the dimension of the item. The machine is convenient for samples or small production. The equipment is supplied with 1 single one point them standard SS16, but it is possible to acquire of point them additional SS6 – SS 10 – SS 20 – SS 30 – SS 34.

Technical Data:
Dimensions of the machine 25x35x12 cm
Current 220 V / 50 Hz
Power consumption Watt 100
Net weight 8 Kg