TMA 24/25

Automatic press with pneumatic function especially studied for the automatic application of roll-to-roll transfers. It is provided with a system that allows to work at low pressure in order to avoid leaving marks on the fabrics. Automatic positioning of transfers by an infra-red photo-electric cell to use the press with any type of roll-to-roll transfers with a dimension from 20×20 mm to 250×250 mm. This press can also be used for gold, leather and plastic material.


Technical Data:
TMA 24 TMA 25
Dimensions of the plate /td> 15×15 cm 25×25 cm
Current 230 V monofase 230 V monofase
Power consumption KW 1 KW 2
Power consumption/h KW/h 0,5 KW/h 1
Temperature 40-285° C 40-285° C
Time adjustable 0-999,9 sec. 0-999,9 sec.
Pressure 1400 gr/cm2 1400 gr/cm2
Net weight 87 Kg 120 Kg