Electric heat swinger press with double plate and lateral move.Long lasting strong construction and a good pressure. No compressed air needed.Half-automatic closing and automatic opening. Electronic and digital touch screen with visual control of temperature,pressure and time with advice of eventual errors. Exchangeable under plate. Possibility to have the cap accessory as extra option. Piece counter, Nomex-cover.

Model 5S : Closing using the side buttons / Automatic opening
Model 5SA: Closing / opening Automatic (without possibility of hats accessory)


  • Electronic and digital instruments with touch screen

  • Setting and storage of 4 presets

  • Automatic regulation of eventual errors

  • Daily and historical piece counter

  • Nomex-cover

Technical Data:
Dimension of the plate 50×40 cm
Current 230 V single phase
Power consumption KW 2,2
Power consumption/h 1.0 KW/h
Temperature 40°-255° C
Time regulable 999,9 sec.
Pressure 600 gr/cm2
Net weight 97 kg /144 kg



Bottom plate interchangeable

Dimension (cm)
13×13 | 15×15 | 30×20 | 30×35 | 38×10 | 38×15 | 38×18 | 38×28 | 38×38


Cap accessory composed of
two lower and one upper base