TM 120/150

Upper heating press especially indicated for the sublimation on cloths or metal foils. Pressure can be easily regulated. Temperature is regulated exactly on the whole surface by 3 thermostats. The one table sliding system with its 3 open sides allows printing of long banners.
Available plate sizes: 100×76 cm – 150×100 cm

TM 162/354

Press with heating above ideal for printing on sublimated fabric or laminate. The pressure of the work is easily adjustable. The temperature is regulated by 3 thermostats and used to set a precise temperature of the whole plate.The system of double carriage allows to double the productivity, by providing a loading surface while the other is in production. Optional on request: hydraulic version, double heating, automatic carriage.
Available plate sizes: 61×91 cm – 76×122 cm

TMCR 500/600

Automatic machine with two plate designed for sublistatic printing and thermoprinting on stockings t-shirt, swimwear,etc.
Pneumatically operated with max pression of 800 gr for a perfect regulation of temperature on all the plate (max 1° of difference).
The machine has also an aspiration accessory for discharged gas.Optional on request: hydraulic version, double heating, automatic carriage
Available plate sizes: 125×85 cm – 160×100 cm

TM 140/200/400

Automatic press with two working stations especially studied for sublimation printing. Hydraulically operated with automatic dual speed head.
Dual speed regulated by a proportional ramp (rapid start, slow stop) with a microprocessor to control the working cycles.
Six digital thermo-regulators for independent control of the central and outer edges of the heated plate.
Available plate sizes: 140×170 cm – 200×175 cm – 430×160 cm