TM 120/150

Upper heating press especially indicated for the sublimation on cloths or metal foils.
Pressure can be easily regulated.
Temperature is regulated exactly on the whole surface by 3 thermostats.
The one table sliding system with its 3 open sides allows printing of long banners.

TM 162/354

Press with heating above ideal for printing on sublimated fabric or laminate.
The pressure of the work is easily adjustable.
The temperature is regulated by 3 thermostats and used to set a precise temperature of the whole plate.

TMCR 500/600

Automatic machine designed for sublistatic printing and thermoprinting on stockings t-shirt, swimwear,etc.
Pneumatically operated with max pression of 800 gr for a perfect regulation of temperature on all the plate (max 1° of difference).

TM 140/200/400

Automatic press with two working stations especially studied for sublimation printing.
Equally suitable for sportswear, promotional items, socks, tights, furniture panels, gloves, carpets, knitted goods etc.
Hydraulically operated with automatic dual speed head.